Suicide Squad Movie Review

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I follow DC and Marvel comics, and the purpose of bringing the characters and plots of these brands to live action is to go all out; and every time I see these types of movies, they are always a let down: characters are misused, under developed, and poorly constructed (and I follow comics, I can only imagine what those who don’t feel or think); these movies spend too much time trying to make them–heroes/villains–into something that they have never been (in the worst way possible). How can this be??? The comics have done all the hard work, as a studio the only thing you have to do is give them flesh and blood, that is all!

I go to see this movies for the action, for the possibilities CGI and SFX bring to fights, looks, and settings. I already care for the characters because I already know them, and even if I didn’t, I do not need flashbacks every 20 min. I do not need to see Batman’s origins every time a movie about him is made. I do not need forced humor from characters that don’t do humor. I do not need powerful characters (referring to abilities and powers) just standing on the background looking at the camera and see in their eyes “what am I doing here?”. I don’t need heroes and villains making dumb choices (i.e. Superman wielding the Kryptonite spear when you have Wonder Woman around; Enchantress, impervious to bullets with god-like abilities being defeated so stupidly easy; and don’t get me started with her brother, defeated by an Deus-ex-Machina bomb when “El Diablo” was melting his heart and still he–the brother–had the upper hand). I don’t need all that nonsense for characters that have been around for DECADES!!!

Could these and other problems arise from the need for studios to make their movies appealing to a “wider audience”? If so, I ask: What wider audience? Children? Seniors? Who? Who?? Because children don’t have money to pay to see them, and seniors don’t really care for them.

Enough of ranting. Back to reviewing.

Suicide Squad had tough shoes to fill because of “Batman: Assault on Arkham”. The last is an animated film with more or less has the same plot: get a bunch of “bad guys” to do some dirty work for Amanda Waller and, of course, everything goes sideways. Most of the characters are used in both movies: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Cpt. Boomerang, and Joker. To those who are interested, I really recommend it, as well as “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox”. More often that I would like to admit, DC’s animated movies are better made than live action ones. Harley Quinn in Batman: Assault on Arkham is truly exceptional, funny, and every bit as psychotic and heartbroken as her comic book counter part. I don’t know where this obsession with Margot Robbie comes from, but in most reviews I have read about Suicide Squad, everyone sucks up to her performance and I only saw that she failed to take the next step to breakout and be Harley; she just took Harley’s catch phrases and spitted them out in a very nice-looking package and all her character’s jokes where terribly forced and didn’t get a chuckle out of me. Deadshot, which is awesome in Batman: Assault on Arkham, is just Will Smith being Will Smith, and that was a complete disappointment, the man had charisma, where did he left it? The only character I really liked better than his Batman: Assault on Arkham counterpart was Jai Courtney’s Cpt. Boomerang. I was really happy to see Jai Courtney act, and be, and giving his best like he did in Spartacus; because in other movies he has been he was very unsatisfactory. In Suicide Squad he had the least character development, and still he made me laugh, he made me care for Cpt. Boomerang, and the thing with the unicorn was just really adorable. I am not going to address Jared Leto’s Joker because the man had/has a very big smile to fill. The best Jokers for me are Mark Hamil, for voice acting; and Heath Ledger, for live action. Besides, the Joker has a better role in Batman: Assault on Arkham than Suicide Squad, in every way.

But let me give another point of view: my mom’s. She doesn’t follow comics, nor cares for them, and she enjoyed the movie. She said it was entertaining and that, for a movie that is 2 hrs. long, it went fast. So maybe you should take her word rather than mine.

Hopefully with all the money this movie has made, the studio will pay attention to fan’s reviews and take note to do better in future projects. If not, I have learned my lesson with the past 16 years of comic-based movies and if I read and/or hear bad reviews, I’ll wait until Netflix or Amazon, or whatever media to stream it and see it then, than wasting my money in theaters.